AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
FunctorLocalFunction< R(D), Functor, LocalFunctions... > Class Template Reference


struct  LocalFunctionWrapper

Public Types

enum  { hasDerivative = true }
using Range = R
using Domain = D

Public Member Functions

template<class... GridFcts>
 FunctorLocalFunction (Functor const &fct, GridFcts &&... gridFcts)
 Constructor. Stores copies of the functor and localFunction(gridfunction)s.
template<class Element >
void bind (Element const &element)
 Calls bind for all localFunctions.
void unbind ()
 Calls unbind for all localFunctions.
Range operator() (Domain const &x) const
 Applies the functor fct_ to the evaluated localFunctions.
Functor const & fct () const
 Return the stored functor.
auto const & localFcts () const

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