AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
PetscVector< DofMap > Member List

This is the complete list of members for PetscVector< DofMap >, including all inherited members.

at(MultiIndex const &idx) constPetscVector< DofMap >inline
BaseVector typedefPetscVector< DofMap >
finish()PetscVector< DofMap >inline
forEach(IndexRange const &localInd, Func &&f) constPetscVector< DofMap >inline
forEach(Func &&f) (defined in PetscVector< DofMap >)PetscVector< DofMap >inline
forEach(Func &&f) const (defined in PetscVector< DofMap >)PetscVector< DofMap >inline
gather(IndexRange const &localInd, OutputIterator buffer) constPetscVector< DofMap >inline
globalSize() constPetscVector< DofMap >inline
init(SizeInfo const &, bool clear)PetscVector< DofMap >inline
insert(MultiIndex const &dof, PetscScalar value, Assign)PetscVector< DofMap >inline
localSize() constPetscVector< DofMap >inline
operator=(PetscVector &&other)PetscVector< DofMap >inline
operator=(PetscVector const &other)PetscVector< DofMap >inline
PetscVector(Basis const &basis)PetscVector< DofMap >inlineexplicit
PetscVector(PetscVector &&other)PetscVector< DofMap >inline
PetscVector(PetscVector const &other)PetscVector< DofMap >inline
scatter(IndexRange const &localInd, LocalValues const &localVal, MaskRange const &mask, Assign)PetscVector< DofMap >inline
set(PetscScalar value)PetscVector< DofMap >inline
setZero()PetscVector< DofMap >inline
size_type typedefPetscVector< DofMap >
swap (defined in PetscVector< DofMap >)PetscVector< DofMap >friend
synchronize()PetscVector< DofMap >inline
value_type typedefPetscVector< DofMap >
vector() constPetscVector< DofMap >inline
vector()PetscVector< DofMap >inline
~PetscVector()PetscVector< DofMap >inline