How to backup and restore problem data?

In very long simulations, i.e. many timesteps, it is recommended to backup an intermediate state from time to time, so that it is possible to resume a simulation from the last stored backup file. Therefore, you mostly need a representation of the grid in memory incorporating the grid hierarchy and the data for the solution vector. Other parameters are fixed or problem specific, so need to be stored manually.

In the ProblemStat there is a pair of functions backup() and restore() that can be used for this purpose. The backup function saves the grid and the solution vector to files and the restore function initializes a new problem from stored files.

ProblemStat prob("prob");
AdaptInfo adaptInfo("adapt");

// some calculation ...


This create at least two files, one for the grid and one for the solution, where the filenames are either fixed to backup_TIMESTEP.grid and backup_TIMESTEP.solution or specified in the initfile as

prob->backup->grid: backup_xyz.grid
prob->backup->solution: backup_xyz.solution

To restart a simulation it is recommended to initialize the problem directly with the grid and solution file, i.e.

ProblemStat prob("prob");

// some more calculation ...

where the restore filenames must be given in the initfile as

prob->restore->grid: backup_xyz.grid
prob->restore->solution: backup_xyz.solution