AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
AdaptStationary Class Reference

Contains all classes needed for space and time adaption. More...

#include <AdaptStationary.hpp>

Inherits AdaptBase.

Public Member Functions

 AdaptStationary (std::string const &name, ProblemIterationInterface &problemIteration, AdaptInfo &adaptInfo)
 Creates a AdaptStationary object with given name.
int adapt () override
 Implementation of AdaptBase::adapt()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AdaptBase
 AdaptBase (std::string const &name, ProblemIterationInterface *problemIteration, AdaptInfo &adaptInfo, ProblemTimeInterface *problemTime=nullptr, AdaptInfo *initialAdaptInfo=nullptr)
virtual ~AdaptBase ()=default
std::string const & name () const
 Returns name.
ProblemIterationInterfaceproblemIteration () const
 Returns problemIteration.
void setProblemIteration (ProblemIterationInterface *problemIteration)
AdaptInfoadaptInfo () const
 Returns adaptInfo.
ProblemTimeInterfaceproblemTime () const
 Returns problemTime.
void setProblemTime (ProblemTimeInterface *problemTime)
AdaptInfoinitialAdaptInfo () const
 Returns initialAdaptInfo.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from AdaptBase
std::string name_
 Name of the adaption loop.
 Problem iteration interface.
 Main adapt info.
 problem time interface
 Adapt info for initial adapt. Will be given to problemTime->solveInitialProblem().

Detailed Description

Contains all classes needed for space and time adaption.

AdaptStationary contains information about the adaptive procedure and the adapt procedure itself

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