AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
BoundarySubset< IS > Class Template Reference

Class defining a subset of a domain boundary. More...

#include <BoundarySubset.hpp>

Public Types

using Intersection = IS

Public Member Functions

 BoundarySubset ()
 Default constructor. Uses a predicate that returns true on the complete boundary.
 BoundarySubset (BoundaryManagerBase &boundaryManager, BoundaryType id)
 Use a boundary manager and id to determine a subset.
template<class Predicate , REQUIRES(Concepts::Functor< Predicate, bool(Domain)>) >
 BoundarySubset (Predicate &&predicate)
 Use a predicate of the form bool(GlobalCoordinate) to determine a subset.
bool operator() (Intersection const &is) const
 Return true if intersection is on boundary segment.

Protected Attributes

std::shared_ptr< BoundaryManagerBase const > boundaryManager_
BoundaryType id_ {0}
std::function< bool(Intersection const &)> predicate_

Detailed Description

template<class IS>
class AMDiS::BoundarySubset< IS >

Class defining a subset of a domain boundary.

Stores a predicate identifying boundary segments. This may be given as

  • a boundary manager and a boundary ID, see BoundaryManager,
  • a functor of the form bool(GlobalCoordinate)
  • no argument in which case the whole boundary is used.
Template Parameters
ISType of the intersection of the elements with the boundary

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