AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
DerivativeGridFunction< GridFunction, Type > Class Template Reference

A Gridfunction that returns the derivative when calling localFunction. More...

#include <DerivativeGridFunction.hpp>

Public Types

using Range = typename Traits::Range
 The Range of the derivative of the GridFunction.
using Domain = GridFctDomain
 The domain of the GridFunction.
using EntitySet = typename GridFunction::EntitySet
 The EntitySet of the GridFunction.

Public Member Functions

 DerivativeGridFunction (GridFunction const &gridFct, Type const &type)
 Constructor. Stores a copy of gridFct.
Range operator() (Domain const &x) const
 Evaluate derivative in global coordinates. NOTE: expensive.
LocalFunction makeLocalFunction () const
 Return the derivative-localFunction of the GridFunction.
EntitySet const & entitySet () const
 Return the EntitySet of the GridFunction.

Detailed Description

template<class GridFunction, class Type>
class AMDiS::DerivativeGridFunction< GridFunction, Type >

A Gridfunction that returns the derivative when calling localFunction.

Wraps the GridFunction so that localFunction returns a LocalFunction representing the derivative of the LocalFunction of the GridFunction.

Template Parameters
GridFunctionThe GridFunction that is wrapped.
Thetype of derivative, i.e. one of tag::gradient, tag::partial{i}, or tag::divergence


  • GridFunction models Concepts::GridFunction and the LocalFunction has a derivative.

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