AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
DiscreteFunction< Coeff, GB, TreePath >::DerivativeLocalFunctionBase< Type > Class Template Reference

Public Types

using Domain = typename EntitySet::LocalCoordinate
using Range = typename Traits::Range

Public Member Functions

 DerivativeLocalFunctionBase (DiscreteFunction const &globalFunction, Type const &type)
 Constructor. Stores a copy of the DiscreteFunction.
 DerivativeLocalFunctionBase (DerivativeLocalFunctionBase const &other)
 Copy constructor.
void bind (Element const &element)
void unbind ()
auto order () const -> decltype(AMDiS::order(std::declval< SubTree >()))
Element const & localContext () const
 Return the bound element.
Geometry const & geometry () const
LocalView const & localView () const

Protected Attributes

DiscreteFunction globalFunction_
Type type_
LocalView localView_
SubTreeCache const * subTreeCache_
std::optional< Geometry > geometry_
std::vector< ValueType > localCoefficients_
bool bound_ = false

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