AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
DistributedCommunication< GlobalId, SizeType > Class Template Reference


struct  IndexSet
struct  RemoteIndices

Public Types

using DofMap = DofMapping< IndexSet, PetscInt >

Public Member Functions

template<class Basis , Dune::disableCopyMove< Self, Basis > = 0>
 DistributedCommunication (Basis const &basis)
 DistributedCommunication (Self const &other)=delete
 DistributedCommunication (Self &&other)=default
IndexSet const & indexSet () const
 Return the ParallelIndexSet.
IndexSetindexSet ()
RemoteIndices const & remoteIndices () const
 Return the RemoteIndices.
RemoteIndicesremoteIndices ()
DofMap const & dofMap () const
 Return the DofMapping.
DofMapdofMap ()
template<class Basis >
void update (Basis const &basis)
 Update the indexSet, remoteIndices and dofmapping.

Protected Attributes

std::unique_ptr< IndexSetindexSet_ = nullptr
std::unique_ptr< RemoteIndicesremoteIndices_
DofMap dofMap_

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