AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
ISTLBCRSMatrix< T, C > Class Template Reference

Public Types

using BaseMatrix = Dune::BCRSMatrix< typename BlockMatrixType< T >::type >
 The matrix type of the underlying base matrix.
using Comm = C
 Communication type.
using value_type = typename BaseMatrix::block_type
 The type of the elements of the DOFMatrix.
using size_type = typename BaseMatrix::size_type
 The index/size - type.

Public Member Functions

template<class Basis >
 ISTLBCRSMatrix (Basis const &rowBasis, Basis const &)
 Constructor. Constructs new BaseVector.
BaseMatrix const & matrix () const
 Return the data-vector vector.
BaseMatrixmatrix ()
 Return the data-vector vector.
Comm const & comm () const
template<class Pattern >
void init (Pattern const &pattern)
 Create occupation pattern and apply it to the matrix.
void init ()
 Set all entries to zero while keeping the occupation pattern intact.
void finish ()
void insert (size_type r, size_type c, value_type const &value)
 Insert a single value into the matrix (add to existing value)
template<class Ind , class LocalMat >
void scatter (Ind const &idx, LocalMat const &mat)
template<class RowInd , class ColInd , class LocalMat >
void scatter (RowInd const &rows, ColInd const &cols, LocalMat const &mat)
std::size_t nnz () const

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