AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
LeafNodeCache< Node > Class Template Reference

Cache of LocalBasis evaluations and jacobians at local points. More...

#include <NodeCache.hpp>

Inherits LeafNode, and NodeWrapper< Node >.

Public Types

using BasisNode = Node
using FiniteElement = typename Node::FiniteElement
using LocalBasis = typename FiniteElement::Traits::LocalBasisType
using ShapeValues = std::vector< typename LocalBasis::Traits::RangeType >
using ShapeGradients = std::vector< typename LocalBasis::Traits::JacobianType >
- Public Types inherited from NodeWrapper< Node >
using Node = Node
using Element = typename Node::Element

Public Member Functions

FiniteElement const & finiteElement () const
 Return the local finite-element of the stored basis-node.
ShapeValues const & localBasisValuesAt (DomainType const &local) const
 Evaluate local basis functions at local coordinates.
ShapeGradients const & localBasisJacobiansAt (DomainType const &local) const
 Evaluate local basis jacobians at local coordinates.
- Public Member Functions inherited from NodeWrapper< Node >
 NodeWrapper (Node const &node)
Node const & node () const
 Return the stored basis-node.
Element const & element () const
 Return the bound grid element.
auto localIndex (std::size_t i) const
 Return the index of the i-th local basis function in the index-set of the whole tree.
auto size () const
 Return the size of the index-set of the node.
auto treeIndex () const
 Return a unique index within the tree.

Static Public Member Functions

static LeafNodeCache create (Node const &basisNode)
 Construct a new local-basis cache.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from NodeWrapper< Node >
Node const * node_

Detailed Description

template<class Node>
class AMDiS::LeafNodeCache< Node >

Cache of LocalBasis evaluations and jacobians at local points.

Caching is done using the ConcurrentCache data structure with a key that depends on the element type and location of points. Two methods are provided for evaluation of local basis functions and local basis jacobians at all quadrature points. A vector of values is returned.

Template Parameters
NodeType of the leaf basis node

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