AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
PreconWrapper< P, S > Class Template Reference

#include <PreconWrapper.hpp>

Inherits Preconditioner< P::domain_type, P::range_type >.

Public Types

using domain_type = typename P::domain_type
using range_type = typename P::range_type

Public Member Functions

template<class... Args>
 PreconWrapper (Storage &storage, Args &&... args)
template<class... Args>
 PreconWrapper (std::shared_ptr< Storage > storage, Args &&... args)
void pre (domain_type &x, range_type &b) override
 Prepare the preconditioner.
void apply (domain_type &v, range_type const &d) override
 Apply one step of the preconditioner to the system A(v)=d.
template<bool forward>
void apply (domain_type &v, range_type const &d)
 Apply one step of the preconditioner in forward (or backward) direction.
void post (domain_type &x) override
 Clean up.
Dune::SolverCategory::Category category () const override
 Category of the preconditioner.

Detailed Description

template<class P, class S>
class AMDiS::PreconWrapper< P, S >

Wrapper around dune-istl preconditioners, like Dune::BlockPreconditioner, or Dune::NonoverlappingBlockPreconditioner, to store a shared_ptr instead of a reference.

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