AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
ProblemInstatBase Class Reference

Base class for ProblemInstat. More...

#include <ProblemInstatBase.hpp>

Inherits ProblemTimeInterface.

Inherited by ProblemInstat< Traits >.

Public Member Functions

 ProblemInstatBase (std::string const &name)
 ProblemInstatBase (std::string const &name, ProblemStatBase &initialProblem)
 Constructor. Stores a pointer to the provided initialProblem.
 ~ProblemInstatBase () override=default
void setTime (AdaptInfo &adaptInfo) override
 Implementation of ProblemTimeInterface::setTime().
void solveInitialProblem (AdaptInfo &adaptInfo) override
 Implementation of ProblemTimeInterface::solveInitialProblem().
virtual std::string const & name () const
 Return the name of the instationary problem name_.
double const & time () const
double const & tau () const &
double const & invTau () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ProblemTimeInterface
virtual void initTimeInterface ()
 Called at the beginning of the adaption loop before any other call.
virtual void initTimestep (AdaptInfo &adaptInfo)=0
 Called at the beginning of each timestep.
virtual void closeTimestep (AdaptInfo &adaptInfo)=0
 Called at the end of each timestep.
virtual void transferInitialSolution (AdaptInfo &adaptInfo)=0
 Transfer the initial problem.

Protected Attributes

std::string name_
 Name of the instationary problem.
ProblemStatBaseinitialProblem_ = nullptr
 An initialization problem solved in solveInitialProblem(). non-owning pointer.
double time_ = 0.0
 The current time, set from adaptInfo.time()
double tau_ = 1.0
 Timestep, set from adaptInfo.timestep()
double invTau_ = 1.0
 1 / timestep, calculated after timestep is set

Detailed Description

Base class for ProblemInstat.

Member Function Documentation

◆ invTau()

double const& invTau ( ) const

Return reference to current simulation 1.0/timestep invTau_ set in setTime from 1.0 / AdaptInfo::timestep().

References ProblemInstatBase::invTau_.

◆ tau()

double const& tau ( ) const &

Return reference to current simulation timestep tau_ set in setTime from AdaptInfo::timestep().

References ProblemInstatBase::tau_.

◆ time()

double const& time ( ) const

Return reference to current simulation time time_ set in setTime from AdaptInfo::time().

References ProblemInstatBase::time_.

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