AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
QuadratureFactory< ctype, dim, LocalFunction > Class Template Reference

Base class for quadrature factories for localFunctions. More...

#include <QuadratureFactory.hpp>

Inherited by QuadFactoryFromLocalFunction< ctype, dim, LocalFunction >, QuadFactoryFromOrder< ctype, dim, LocalFunction >, and QuadFactoryFromRule< ctype, dim, LocalFunction >.

Public Member Functions

virtual void bind (LocalFunction const &localFct)
 Bind the rule to a localFunction.
virtual int order () const
 Return the quadrature order of the coefficient relates to the localFunction.
virtual QuadratureRule const & rule (Dune::GeometryType const &type, int degree) const

Protected Types

using QuadratureRule = Dune::QuadratureRule< ctype, dim >

Detailed Description

template<class ctype, int dim, class LocalFunction>
class AMDiS::QuadratureFactory< ctype, dim, LocalFunction >

Base class for quadrature factories for localFunctions.

Member Function Documentation

◆ rule()

virtual QuadratureRule const& rule ( Dune::GeometryType const &  type,
int  degree 
) const

Construct a quadrature rule, based on the local geometry-type and the polynomial degree of the integrand function.

Reimplemented in QuadFactoryFromRule< ctype, dim, LocalFunction >, and QuadFactoryFromOrder< ctype, dim, LocalFunction >.

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