AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
SolverInfo Class Reference

#include <SolverInfo.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 SolverInfo (std::string const &prefix)
 The constructor reads needed parameters and sets solver prefix. More...
getting methods
int error () const
 Returns error code in last run of an iterative solver.
int info () const
 Returns info.
double absResidual () const
 Returns absResidual_.
double relResidual () const
 Returns relResidual_.
bool doCreateMatrixData () const
 Returns createMatrixData.
bool doStoreMatrixData () const
 Returns storeMatrixData.
bool doBreak () const
setting methods
void setAbsResidual (double r)
 Sets absResidual_.
void setRelResidual (double r)
 Sets relResidual_.
void setInfo (int i)
 Sets info_.
void setError (int e)
 Sets error_.
void setCreateMatrixData (bool b)
 Sets createMatrixData_.
void setStoreMatrixData (bool b)
 Sets storeMatrixData_.

Detailed Description

Class that stores information about the solution process, like tolerances and iteration counts and is passed to the solver and filled there.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SolverInfo()

SolverInfo ( std::string const &  prefix)

The constructor reads needed parameters and sets solver prefix.

Reads parameters for a solver with name 'NAME': NAME->info info_ NAME->break if tolerance not reached breakTolNotReached_

References SolverInfo::error(), and Initfile::get().

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