AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
TransposedMatrix< Matrix > Class Template Reference

The transposed view onto a matrix. More...

#include <Transposed.hpp>

Public Types

using size_type = typename RawMatrix::size_type
using value_type = typename RawMatrix::value_type

Public Member Functions

template<class M , Dune::disableCopyMove< TransposedMatrix, M > = 0>
 TransposedMatrix (M &&matrix)
ConstRowProxy operator[] (size_type row) const
template<class M = Matrix, std::enable_if_t< not std::is_const_v< M >, int > = 0>
MutableRowProxy operator[] (size_type row)
size_type N () const
size_type M () const
template<class Mat >
TransposedMatrixoperator+= (Mat const &mat)

Detailed Description

template<class Matrix>
class AMDiS::TransposedMatrix< Matrix >

The transposed view onto a matrix.

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