AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
VTKWriter< GV, GF > Class Template Reference

Adapter for the dune-grid VTKWriter. More...

#include <VTKWriter.hpp>

Inherits FileWriterBase.

Public Member Functions

 VTKWriter (std::string const &name, GridView const &gridView, GridFunction const &gridFunction)
void write (AdaptInfo &adaptInfo, bool force) override
 Implements FileWriterInterface::write.
- Public Member Functions inherited from FileWriterBase
 FileWriterBase (std::string const &base)
 Constructor. Reads common parameters.
bool doWrite (AdaptInfo &adaptInfo) const
 Return whether to write the current timestep or not.
std::string const & filename () const
std::string const & dir () const
std::string const & name () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from FileWriterInterface
virtual ~FileWriterInterface ()=default
 Virtual destructor.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from FileWriterBase
std::string filename_ = "solution"
 Base part of output filename.
std::string dir_ = "."
 Output directory.
std::string name_ = "solution"
 Name of the data.
int tsModulo_ = 0
 Write every i'th timestep.
double timeModulo_ = 0.0
 Write after every time interval.

Detailed Description

template<class GV, class GF>
class AMDiS::VTKWriter< GV, GF >

Adapter for the dune-grid VTKWriter.

Template Parameters
GVGridView describing the grid to write
GFGridFunction defined on that GridView

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