AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
ContextGeometry< LC > Struct Template Reference

Wrapper class for element and geometry. More...

#include <ContextGeometry.hpp>

Public Types

enum  { dim = Geometry::mydimension, dow = Geometry::coorddimension }
using ContextType = Impl::ContextTypes< LC >
using LocalContext = LC
using Element = typename ContextType::Entity
using Geometry = typename Element::Geometry
using LocalGeometry = typename ContextType::LocalGeometry
using IsEntity = std::is_same< Element, LocalContext >

Public Member Functions

 ContextGeometry (LocalContext const &localContext, Element const &element, Geometry const &geometry)
 Constructor. Stores pointer to localContext, element, and geometry.
Element const & element () const
 Return the bound element (entity of codim 0)
LocalContext const & localContext () const
 Return the LocalContext, either the element or an intersection.
Geometry const & geometry () const
 Return the geometry of the Element.
LocalGeometry const & localGeometry () const
 Return the geometry of the element, or geometryInInside of the intersection.
template<class Coordinate >
decltype(auto) local (Coordinate const &p) const
 Coordinate p given in localGeometry, transformed to coordinate in geometry of the LocalContext.
template<class Coordinate >
decltype(auto) global (Coordinate const &p) const
 Transformation of coordinate p given in localGeometry to world space coordinates.
Dune::GeometryType type () const
 Return the geometry-type of the localContext.
template<class Coordinate >
auto integrationElement (Coordinate const &p) const

Detailed Description

template<class LC>
struct AMDiS::ContextGeometry< LC >

Wrapper class for element and geometry.

A LocalContext can be either a grid entity of codim 0 (called an element) or an intersection of elements. The element and its geometry may be stored externally and can be passed along with the localContext object. Since an intersection has a geometry (and localGeometry) different from the geometry (and localGeometry) of the entity it belongs to, these objects are provided as well.

Template Parameters
LCLocalContext, either element or intersection

Member Function Documentation

◆ integrationElement()

auto integrationElement ( Coordinate const &  p) const

The integration element from the localGeometry, the quadrature points are defined in.

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