AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
ISTLPreconCreator< Model, Traits > Struct Template Reference

Base class for precon creators,. More...

#include <PreconCreator.hpp>

Inherits ISTLPreconCreatorInterface< Traits >.


struct  Creator

Public Types

using Interface = ISTLPreconCreatorInterface< Traits >
- Public Types inherited from ISTLPreconCreatorInterface< Traits >
using Interface = Dune::Preconditioner< typename Traits::X, typename Traits::Y >

Public Member Functions

 ISTLPreconCreator (std::string const &prefix)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ISTLPreconCreatorInterface< Traits >
virtual std::unique_ptr< Interface > create (typename Traits::M const &mat, typename Traits::Comm const &comm) const =0

Protected Attributes

double w_ = 1.0
int iter_ = 1

Detailed Description

template<class Model, class Traits>
struct AMDiS::ISTLPreconCreator< Model, Traits >

Base class for precon creators,.

See also
PreconCreator. Constructor for preconditioners.

Initfile parameters:

  • [PRECON]->relaxation: Dumping/relaxation factor
  • [PRECON]->iterations: Number of iterations the precon is applied.

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