AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
LocalToGlobalBasisAdapterTraits< LocalBasisTraits, dimGlobal > Struct Template Reference

Traits class for local-to-global basis adaptors. More...

#include <LocalToGlobalAdapter.hpp>

Inherits Traits.

Public Types

using DomainField = typename LocalBasisTraits::DomainFieldType
using DomainLocal = typename LocalBasisTraits::DomainType
using DomainGlobal = FieldVector< DomainField, dimDomainGlobal >
using RangeField = typename LocalBasisTraits::RangeFieldType
using Range = typename LocalBasisTraits::RangeType
using GradientRange = typename DerivativeTraits< Range(DomainGlobal), tag::gradient >::Range
using PartialRange = typename DerivativeTraits< Range(DomainGlobal), tag::partial >::Range

Static Public Attributes

static const std::size_t dimDomainLocal = LocalBasisTraits::dimDomain
static const std::size_t dimDomainGlobal = dimGlobal
static const std::size_t dimRange = LocalBasisTraits::dimRange

Detailed Description

template<class LocalBasisTraits, std::size_t dimGlobal>
struct AMDiS::LocalToGlobalBasisAdapterTraits< LocalBasisTraits, dimGlobal >

Traits class for local-to-global basis adaptors.

Template Parameters
LocalBasisTraitsTraits class of the LocalBasis to be adapted.
dimGlobalDimension of the global coordinates, i.e. Geometry::coorddimension, if the global coordinates are determined by a Geometry.

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