AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
DirectRunner< Mat, Vec, Solver > Class Template Reference

#include <DirectRunner.hpp>

Inherits RunnerInterface< Mat, Vec >, and RunnerInterface< Mat, Vec >.

Public Member Functions

 DirectRunner (std::string const &prefix)
void init (M const &A) override
 Implements RunnerInterface::init()
void exit () override
 Implements RunnerInterface::exit()
int solve (M const &A, X &x, Y const &b, SolverInfo &solverInfo)
 Implements RunnerInterface::solve()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RunnerInterface< Mat, Vec >
virtual ~RunnerInterface ()=default
 virtual destructor
virtual int adjointSolve (M const &A, X &x, Y const &b, SolverInfo &solverInfo)
 Solve the system A*x = b.

Protected Types

using EigenSolver = Solver< M >

Detailed Description

template<class Mat, class Vec, template< class > class Solver>
class AMDiS::DirectRunner< Mat, Vec, Solver >

for the (external) direct solvers

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