AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
GlobalBasis< PB > Class Template Reference

Global basis defined on a pre-basis. More...

#include <GlobalBasis.hpp>

Inherits DefaultGlobalBasis< PB >, Notifier< event::adapt >, and Observer< event::adapt >.


struct  DummyImpl

Public Types

using PreBasis = PB
 Pre-basis providing the implementation details.
using GridView = typename PreBasis::GridView
 The grid view that the FE space is defined on.
using Grid = typename GridView::Grid
using LocalView = AMDiS::LocalView< Self >
 Type of the local view on the restriction of the basis to a single element.
using Comm = std::conditional_t< Traits::IsFlatIndex< typename Super::MultiIndex >::value, typename BackendTraits< Self >::Comm, SequentialCommunication >
 Type of the communicator.
using ADH = Dune::AdaptDataHandle< Grid, DummyImpl >

Public Member Functions

template<class... Args, Dune::Functions::enableIfConstructible< PreBasis, Args... > = 0>
 GlobalBasis (std::string const &name, Grid const &grid, Args &&... args)
 Construct this global basis with given name and grid, and constructing a preBasis. More...
template<class PBF >
 GlobalBasis (std::string const &name, GridView const &gridView, PBF const &preBasisFactory)
 Construct this global basis with a preBasisFactory.
template<class Arg , class... Args, REQUIRES(!std::is_same_v< std::string, remove_cvref_t< Arg >>) >
 GlobalBasis (Arg &&arg, Args &&... args)
 Construct this global basis with empty name.
 GlobalBasis (GlobalBasis const &)=delete
 Copy constructor.
 GlobalBasis (GlobalBasis &&)=default
 Move constructor.
void update (GridView const &gv)
 Update the stored grid view. More...
LocalView localView () const
 Return local view for basis.
GlobalBasis const & rootBasis () const
 Return *this because we are not embedded in a larger basis.
Comm const & communicator () const
 Return the communicator. More...
Commcommunicator ()
ADH globalRefineCallback () const

Protected Member Functions

void updateImpl (event::adapt e) override
 Updates the underlying basis when event::adapt is triggered by the observed grid.

Protected Attributes

Comm comm_

Detailed Description

template<class PB>
class AMDiS::GlobalBasis< PB >

Global basis defined on a pre-basis.

This class is an expansion to Dune::Functions::DefaultGlobalBasis<PB>. It adds a communicator to use the basis in parallel as well as automatic update functionality.

Template Parameters
PBPre-basis providing the implementation details

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GlobalBasis()

GlobalBasis ( std::string const &  name,
Grid const &  grid,
Args &&...  args 

Construct this global basis with given name and grid, and constructing a preBasis.

nameName associated with this basis for initfile parameter attachment.
gridThe Grid providing the GridView for this basis
args...Argument list for PreBasis

This will forward all arguments to the constructor of PreBasis

Referenced by GlobalBasis< PB >::GlobalBasis(), and GlobalBasis< PB >::updateImpl().

Member Function Documentation

◆ communicator()

Comm const& communicator ( ) const

Return the communicator.

This provides the means to communicate data associated to the basis with other processes.

References AMDiS::error_exit().

◆ update()

void update ( GridView const &  gv)

Update the stored grid view.

This will update the indexing information of the global basis as well as the communicator. It is called automatically if the grid has changed.

Referenced by GlobalBasis< PB >::updateImpl().

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