AMDiS  0.1
The Adaptive Multi-Dimensional Simulation Toolbox
LocalView< GB > Class Template Reference

The restriction of a finite element basis to a single element. More...

#include <LocalView.hpp>

Public Types

using GlobalBasis = GB
 The global FE basis that this is a view on.
using GridView = typename GlobalBasis::GridView
 The grid view the global FE basis lives on.
using Element = typename GridView::template Codim< 0 >::Entity
 Type of the grid element we are bound to.
using size_type = std::size_t
 The type used for sizes.
using Tree = Node_t< typename GlobalBasis::PreBasis, PrefixPath >
 Tree of local finite elements / local shape function sets.
using TreeCache = NodeCache_t< Tree >
 Cached basis-tree.
using MultiIndex = typename NodeIndexSet::MultiIndex
 Type used for global numbering of the basis vectors.

Public Member Functions

 LocalView (GlobalBasis const &globalBasis)
 Construct local view for a given global finite element basis.
void bind (Element const &element)
 Bind the view to a grid element. More...
bool isBound () const
 Return if the view is bound to a grid element.
Element const & element () const
 Return the grid element that the view is bound to.
void unbind ()
 Unbind from the current element. More...
Tree const & tree () const
 Return the local ansatz tree associated to the bound entity.
TreeCache const & treeCache () const
 Cached version of the local ansatz tree.
size_type size () const
 Total number of degrees of freedom on this element.
size_type maxSize () const
 Maximum local size for any element on the GridView. More...
MultiIndex index (size_type i) const
 Maps from subtree index set [0..size-1] to a globally unique multi index in global basis.
GlobalBasis const & globalBasis () const
 Return the global basis that we are a view on.
LocalView const & rootLocalView () const
 Return this local-view.

Protected Attributes

GlobalBasis const * globalBasis_
std::optional< Elementelement_
Tree tree_
TreeCache treeCache_
NodeIndexSet nodeIndexSet_
std::vector< MultiIndexindices_

Detailed Description

template<class GB>
class AMDiS::LocalView< GB >

The restriction of a finite element basis to a single element.

Member Function Documentation

◆ bind()

void bind ( Element const &  element)

Bind the view to a grid element.

Having to bind the view to an element before being able to actually access any of its data members offers to centralize some expensive setup code in the bind method, which can save a lot of run-time.

References LocalView< GB >::element(), and LocalView< GB >::size().

◆ maxSize()

size_type maxSize ( ) const

Maximum local size for any element on the GridView.

This is the maximal size needed for local matrices and local vectors.

◆ unbind()

void unbind ( )

Unbind from the current element.

Calling this method should only be a hint that the view can be unbound.

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